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25th August 2014

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27th June 2014

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5th May 2014

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Happy Nurses Week!

Happy Nurses Week!

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6th April 2014

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17th March 2014

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28th February 2014

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atthe-rainforest said: hello, I'm only a sophomore in High School but I'm thinking about becoming a nurse. I would love if you can give me an idea of what college life is like or how i should do classes or anything like that, it would help a lot!


First off, congrats on picking nursing. It is a wonderful career to choose. But it is also extremely competitive. Be warned.

In college, you’ll have a variety of experiences, both good an bad. Pursuing nursing is something to take seriously, so try to stay away from the parties or crazy events. Focus on your academics, because GPA is the most important factor in gaining admission into nursing programs. Volunteering at a hospital also helps as well. You also might want to look into getting a CPR certification and a CNA license. The CPR licence won’t help you get into a nursing program, but working as a CNA certainly will. You will be competing against many other candidates, so the more you stand out, the better your chances are.

When considering colleges, I would apply to colleges with nursing as an option. Some colleges do not have a nursing major, so do your research. When admitted, you will be declared a pre-nursing major. Then you start taking your prerequisite classes (anatomy & physiology, chemistry, microbiology, etc…) Check with your university to see what prerequisites the nursing program requires. I would get started on your prereqs ASAP. As a freshman, it is incredibly difficult to get classes, but try your best. The sooner you get your prereqs done, the sooner you can apply to nursing school.

Applying to nursing school is a time consuming and expensive process. Make sure you do your research about the different programs. Different schools have different requirements. Apply to as many nursing programs as you want, but keep in mind that there will be a lot of money and time invested in it. In order to apply to a university’s nursing program, you must apply for admission into the university (if you are not already enrolled) , which costs money. The applications are specific to each school, so make sure you have all the requirements.

Sorry this is so long. This is what I have learned along the way. I hope this helps! Best of luck to you! Keep me updated!

14th February 2014

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happy valentines day! I love you all!

happy valentines day! I love you all!

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7th February 2014

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No no no! Don’t get up!

No no no! Don’t get up!

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25th December 2013

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday!

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21st December 2013

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When two smart people are having a conversation and I’m just trying to keep up


My nursing classmates…